Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Arunachala Ramanya

Dear friends,

From the house of Sri Sadhu Om, we all welcome you to the spiritual journey of Bhagavan Sri Ramana and to the Holy Hill Arunachala. The very power of the thought of Arunachala, brought Ramana to His abode Tiruvannamalai and retained Him unmoved both by the body and mind till He attained Nirvana in 1950 merging in Arunachala. The very light seen by various devotees at the time of His Nirvana (leaving the body) testifies this.

We have tried to present authentic and undiluted interpretation of Sri Bhagavan’s teachings by Sri Sadhu Om. Sri Sadhu Om is a versatile poet, writer par –excellence, singer in Tamil and above all very sincere disciple of Bhagavan Ramana. This unique combination helped in creating in timeless musical compositions and literary works, commentaries of his spiritual experience with Bhagavan Ramana. Sri Sadhu Om is very much popular with the devotees of Sri Ramana for his simple approach to the Guru’s Teachings and explains in a very simple language without any vedantic jargons. His mother tongue was also Tamil, like Sri Bhagavan. Hence most of his commentaries and explanations are in Tamil. However for the benefit of readers worldwide, many are translated into English and other languages.

Sri Sadhu Om songs and prayers are sung before Sri Bhagavan Sannidhi and thousands of devotees have benefitted in their personal and spiritual life. His teachings are presented in different books and are currently available in select book stores around India. Since we are in a digital age we would like to take the next step and make this information available online.

At the outset, we intend incorporating

  • e-books (on Teachings and Prayer)
  • e-prayers (Audio)
  • e-photo gallery

We want you to have a nice time enjoying the Bliss of Ramana Sannidhi which shines in everyone as “I am” and thoroughly get immersed and enjoy the teachings as much as we did in getting this to you. We welcome feedback and suggestions which we would try to implement them as much as possible.