Welcome to our e-photo gallery!

Here you'll find some pictures taken newly with digital cameras. But the more interesting pictures are taken the old fashion way back then. So we went through the archives and then digitized the pictures either from the negatives or from prints. Therefore we'd like to apologize for the unusual quality. Yet our intention is though to pass a little of the atmosphere of these times. That's why we did not enhance in any way those pictures.

Currently we have pictures of the following themes:

  • Arunachala
    Pictures old and new in Color and old Black&White shots.
  • Sri Sadhu Om
    Portraits and pictures from Swami
  • Sri Muruganar
    Just a couple of pictures from Muruganar
  • Tinnay Swami
    Some pictures of Tinnay Swami in black&white as well as in color
  • Those Times
    Pictures with Sadhu Om, devotees, events; pictures taken on the Mountain as well as on giri pradakshina.


Enjoy the photos while maybe listening of some of the songs sung by Sadhu Om in the background!?