Guruvachaka Kovai is the recording in verses by Sri Muruganar, of the sayings in the Presence of Sri Bhagavan Ramana. The verses were verified and edited by Sri Bhagavan. We are trying to publish some of the interesting verses for readers this week

Will that which is perceived by the senses of this unreal body be real or unreal? O the mind, worried and wearied by the worldly ways, evaluate the matter through careful investigation and reply!

-Verse 68

Those who have realized that Prarabdha (Fate) will take care of the body, will not feel anxious and wander about seeking food and so on. All the enjoyments ordained by Prarabdha will surely come. Hence it is clear that craving and rejecting (likes and dislikes) are the deluding acts of mind.

-Verse 150

Listen! There is a wonder! People cannot even think unless prompted by the all embracing and impartial Chit Sakthi (the power of consciousness) that her benevelonce towards all. Here in this world, the jumping about of people excited by the feeling “I will accomplish this!” is a great wonder.

-Verse 168

O mind, do not waste your life in roaming outside pursuing wonders and courting sense pleasures; To know the Self through grace and thus abide firmly in the heart is alone worthwhile

– Verse 188