Sri Ramana Guru Arul Anthathi


Sri Sadhu Om

These 100 verses praying for the grace of Guru Ramana was composed by Sri Sadhu Om in 1960.

Normally it is the custom in South India to worship the Lord raising up early in the morning on the Tamil month of Margazhi (Dec-Jan) – the period most of the saints have taken birth - . The girls get up, wake up their friends, join, have bath in the nearby river, visit the temple and offer their prayer (mostly to obtain worldly things).

One lady, a Bhagavan devotee asked Swami what we can pray that time and asked for a prayer to be composed. Unlike the other prayers Sri Sadhu Om composed these 100 verses praying only for His Grace and the strength to abide in the heart, which is the seat of Ramana.

Sri Ramana devotees who follow earnestly, His Teachings will find this a great treasure. The chanting of this prayer with the manana of the meaning will bestow tremendous peace in one’s heart.