Sri Ramana Sahasram


Sri Sadhu Om

These Thousand prayers on Sri Ramana were written by Sri Sadhu Om in 1967. A situation arose when one of his devotee was threatened for a visit to him and he was also threatened to set fire to his hut if he is allowed to visit. Instead of complaining to Police, he prayed to Sri Ramana and also asked that devotee to stop coming to Arunachala till the problem is sorted out by Bhagavan.In fact he stopped golng round the Arunachala Hill (Pradakshina) which he loved foremost for the time being. He used to write a few of these verses a day. After sometime a senior Ramana Devotee intervened and the problem was sorted out amicably. These verses got accumulated to a thousand verses. These were later edited, made chapter wise according to the heading and finalized by Sri Sadhu Om.

Whatever be the reason, we, the Ramana Devotees got valuable prayer composed by Him. These verses elucidate the state of mind of matured aspirants who come to Bhagavan only for knowing the Truth, the Jnana.

Sincere aspirants will relish this rendering of Sri Sadhu Om heart melting. And will get lots of clue to adhere to in their life on the journey through the Path of Sri Ramana.

Sri Ramana Prarthanai Vinnappam


Sri Muruganar

These 100 verses were taken out by Sri Sadhu Om when he was editing Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham of Sri Muruganar. Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham contains 9 volumes, all in verses on his attainment of Jnana by the grace of Guru Ramana. These 100 verses are in Volume 4, verses 11 – 109.

In view of its quality prayer only for the grace of Guru Ramana, this has been chosen by Sri Sadhu Om as selections for the prayer and the translations were made for the benefit of non-Tamil people.

You will observe that the very Presence of ‘I’ – ‘I’ in every one is Guru Ramana and he addresses that Presence for grace, to be ever in His Presence.

These verses depict clearly the very Teaching of Sri Ramana, how it is to be applied in Sadhana as well as Bhakti.

Genuine Ramana seekers will find this a boon to pray for the grace of Bhagavan Guru Ramana and melt in his Presence.

Sri Ramana Guru Arul Anthathi


Sri Sadhu Om

These 100 verses praying for the grace of Guru Ramana was composed by Sri Sadhu Om in 1960.

Normally it is the custom in South India to worship the Lord raising up early in the morning on the Tamil month of Margazhi (Dec-Jan) – the period most of the saints have taken birth - . The girls get up, wake up their friends, join, have bath in the nearby river, visit the temple and offer their prayer (mostly to obtain worldly things).

One lady, a Bhagavan devotee asked Swami what we can pray that time and asked for a prayer to be composed. Unlike the other prayers Sri Sadhu Om composed these 100 verses praying only for His Grace and the strength to abide in the heart, which is the seat of Ramana.

Sri Ramana devotees who follow earnestly, His Teachings will find this a great treasure. The chanting of this prayer with the manana of the meaning will bestow tremendous peace in one’s heart.

Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai

Virivuppa Malai


Sri Sadhu Om

These 108 verses were on Ramana was composed by Sri Sadhu Om in the same metre of Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai as composed by Sri Bhagavan on Arunachala. The last line of the each verse is of the stanza of Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai and ends with Ramanesa, instead of Arunachala.

Each of the verse explains the meaning elaborately and forms as a prayer with the last line of the verse concluding it. In fact, Sri Sadhu Om merges Bhagavan Ramana with Arunachala so nicely in rich meaning to the each verse, there are no words to praise its greatness.

Those who have great taste in reciting Arunachala Siva (Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai) will find this more enjoyable to recite and dwell in its meaning. This provides the inner meaning of Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai more lucid.

We feel this Virivuppamalai would have been composed by Sri Sadhu Om between the years 1955-60 when he lived at Sri Ramanasramam.