The Path of Sri Ramana

Part One


Sri Sadhu Om

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi has revealed that prefect and eternal happiness is our real nature and the Self Enquiry "Who am I?" is the direct path through which we can attain and enjoy such happiness here and now. He himself attained Self knowledge at an age of sixteen. This book "The Path of Ramana – Part One" is a profound, lucid and masterly exposition of the spiritual teachings which He graciously bestowed upon the world.

In this book, unlike in other commentaries upon the Teachings of Sri Ramana, the exact method of practicing the enquiry 'Who am I?' is analyzed and explained in a clear, coherent and scientific manner, taking as authority only the original Tamil works of Sri Bhagavan and not relying on the translations of them or upon the various conversations with Him recorded by devotees in other languages.

The author of the book, Sri Sadhu Om came to Sri Ramana Bhagavan in his early youth and took Him as his Satguru. When Bhagavan instructed him, "Attend to that for which you have come", he looked upon these gracious words as a Mahavakya and dedicated himself earnestly and one pointedly to the practice of Self Enquiry and self-surrender.

Because of this total surrender he became the pure and worthy channel for His grace to flow through, that Sri Sadhu Om is able to expound the practical teachings of his Satguru with so much clarity, originality and authority.