A Light on the Teaching of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Essence of Spiritual Practice (Sadhanai Saram)


Sri Sadhu Om

A Light on the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, in Tamil, Sadhanai Saram (the essence of Spiritual Practice, giving clues for Sadhana) were originally written in Tamil verses by Sri Sadhu Om as and when the Bhagavan devotees asked him for clarification. Later on consolidating, on the request of the friends, he wrote the meanings for the verses and was published in Tamil as Sadhanai Saram. For the non Tamil Bhagavan’s Devotees it was decided to translate and how this book came into existence.

The confusions the aspirants have on Japa, Bhakti, Self surrender, Self enquiry, the body and Yoga, True Satsang, Living Guru and dead(?) Guru, who is Jnani etc., is cleared in the light of Ramana’s Teachings.

“Atma Vichara Patikam” (11 verses on Vichara), “Forty verses on Renunciation” stands apart as the Ruby fixed to the Crown of Bhagavan Ramana’s Teachings.

Glossary of Sanskrit and Tamil words along with its meaning provided here makes a fresh reader who does not have any Hindu Vedantic knowledge, easy to understand the meaning what is said, correctly.