Sri Arunachala Venba


Sri Sadhu Om

The hundred verses on Arunachala was written by Sri Sadhu Om in 1966. This was written in a single sitting non-stop. When he went to have a bath, right in the bath room the verses started pouring in. He did not even have time to wait and write. He came rushing from the bathroom, not even drying himself totally, and started writing in a rough note book by Pencil.

As you understand from the 51st verse, when he wanted to check what was written, the flow of the verse was so fast, he could not look back and preceded writing further.

He could go through reading the verses only after completion. He noticed that earlier a saint has sung ending each verse ‘Annamalai’. Its name was ‘Annamalai Venba.’ This has come with each verse ending ‘Arunachalam.’ Hence these 100 verses were named “Arunachala Venba”.

As Ramana is the human form of Arunachala, these verses create a link between Ramana and Arunachala. These verses provide more inner meaning on the Presence of Arunachala and Ramana.

As Sri Sadhu Om puts it, the absence of the physical Presence of Ramana is compensated by the ever Present nature of Arunachala Hill which remains in Silence, removing the doubts of genuine seekers.