Sri Ramana Varuhai


Sri Sadhu Om

These 361 verses were written by Sri Sadhu Om in 1955 just in 3 days with an anguish to see Sri Bhagavan and talk. When Sri Sadhu Om while in search for genuine Guru, it was recommended by friends that there is one Sri Ramana who lives at Tiruvannamalai.

At that time he was living and working at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. He wanted to know are there people who visit Tiruvannamalai so that he can join with them and make a visit.

Again one of his friend suggested there is a lady who visits Tiruvannamalai regularly with her devotees to have darshan of Ramana.
Hearing this our Sri Sadhu Om along with a friend went to her place. He entered the house and asked her when are they planning to go next and can he join? She was a loving elderly woman. She said that they are leaving by the next week itself. When he was about to return, she said that they are going to have the recitation of Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai.

He sat and joined in the singing. He was so attracted by the depth of the prayer, he memorized it immediately.

It was in 1946 he met Sri Bhagavan along with her.

Sri Sadhu Om after leaving the job he was assisting in the publication of a monthly “Arul”. By 1955, after Sri Bhagavan left the body, he wanted to come and settle at Tiruvannamalai.
As that lady got a promise that he should not go to Tiruvannamalai, he was at his wits end.
He called Bhagavan and sort out.

Varuhai in Tamil means please come. At the verse No 172 Sri Bhagavan appeared before him. Swami thought that it is a dream. Thrice he appeared before him.

Bhagavan said “why you are calling me. You come to my place, Tiruvannamalai.”

Swami said OK. What will I do for my food? Swami asked.
A vision of a dining hall where each one serving for themselves was seen.
He completed the verses till the flow was there.
Then he reached Arunachala. When Swami was coming before Ashram, the then Ashram President invited him asking him to stay at Ashram and look after the book stall.

Thus, every suffering they face brings in very valuable treasure for the mankind.