The Path of Sri Ramana

Part Two


Sri Sadhu Om

This Path of Ramana Part – 2 consists of 3 major Chaapters namely God and world, then Love or Bhakti and finally Karma and its effects.

In the first Chapter, to know truly about God and world, the direct path is to attend to one self, instead of making research on the world and God. To attain the purity of the mind is the secret motive and result behind the selfless (Nishkamya) work. Bhakti and Jnana are the two divine paths to lead to the Supreme.

In the second Chapter, Bhakti has been classified into 5 classes; it is shown clearly that till Class 3 (a) the Bhakti is only on worldly objects and not on the Lord. It is clearly explained how in class 3 (b) true Bhakti on Lord takes place. Later it is elaborated how Guru Bhakti is superior to the love he had with his Lord. Later how the Swatma Bhakti (without duality) the very Presence of His Guru shining as I-I (swallowing his individuality) is the final where there is no fear.

The third Chapter deals with Karma. Those who deeply go through this Chapter will not come into the futile argument, "which is strong, Fate or Free will? Prarabdha will of its own accord will bestow Liberation." By truly understanding what is Prarabdha, the seeker escapes from the various mental anguish that create powerful tides in the mind and able to settle peacefully in Self.

There are many readers in the school of Bhakti as in 3 (b) and class 4 with great anguish to know the Truth. Such readers are requested to read the Swami Sadhu Om’s other works of prayers Sri Ramana Sahasram, Sri Ramana Varuhai, Sri Ramana Guru Arul Anthathi and Virivuppamalai. Such aspirants will find peace and solace in their heart when the above prayers are recited.